Yoga for Parkinsons

Mondays, 10:30 to 11:30 AM
Starting September 12th

This specialty class is endorsed by the Parkinson’s Council and runs as a series at our studio with a registration ahead of time. We are a ground floor studio and any caregivers are welcome to join in with the student at no cost! Once a month students as well as care givers receive a massage 10-20 minute massage!

Research on yoga suggests that it may prove effective in neuromuscular illnesses such as parkinson’s disease to maintain flexibility and balance, retain energy, and gain more restful sleep. Yoga targets the “whole body” facilitating an understanding of the mind-body and how our systems interact and affect one another. Yoga practitioners report that through the practices they learn: how to move to maintain strength and flexibility, postural awareness, relaxation to encourage reduction of volatility of emotions associated with stress and muscle tension, and feelings of loss of self-control, and movement and breath work to encourage flexibility and focus.

Using movement, breath work, and visualization, we will softly and deliberately move in ways to promote strength for the body and peace for the spirit. For those who would like to bring a partner or friend, there is no fee for the second person.

For more information or to register contact