The Tathata Golf Program is hailed by leading golf experts as the most Revolutionary and refreshing golf training ever created.

Introductory Workshops
October 28, 11-Noon
November 4,  11-Noon

6 week Series
November 11, 18,
December 2, 9, 16 & 23

What you will learn:

  • Embody and retain information at a pace never before seen in golf
  • Learn not only WHAT to do but know WHY and HOW to do it
  • Improve in minutes, not months or years
  • Develop an understanding of not only POSITIONS but MOVEMENTS
  • Train year round
  • Build, store and move energy through all parts of the body during all golf motions.

Tom Casey has 20 years of experience teaching the game of golf. He has coached high school golf at two local high schools, has taught at Experience Golf Center, Lower State Road Driving Range. LuLu Country Club and presently at The Flagler Golf Academy. He is very excited to bringing Tathata Golf to you to see what is possible over the winter months!

At MomentOM, we dish out yoga from the heart!

Our approach to every single class, workshop and event is from spirit, connection and getting real.
We value your precious time and admire that you are up to big things in your life. We are committed to elevating your life with your experience with us. Our promise to you is that you will work hard, have fun and experience a potent sense of community. Our space is small which allows you to be well cared for. You will receive plenty of hands on assists to support healthy alignment and to deepen your poses. We live to support and inspire each and everyone we encounter—on, and off the mat.

Our Tools

sweaty: yogaHOUR, Cardio-yo, Kettlebell Kundalini
relaxing: Yin, Restorative
vinyasa flow: Sunrise, vin/yin, Vinyasa Flow
beginners classes: Gentle/Beginners/ yogaHOUR-101
massage: Rest-Restore-Roll
a little bit of each: All Levels, Fusion
give back: yogaHOUR-give

movement for the mind, body and soul

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