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Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for supporting & sustaining our local studio!
Thank you for your own personal practice and for attending group classes.  Each class is a collective action of the community and the treasured people who make each experience richer and more meaningful.  

Blessings to you and your families.
May your heart be full of gratitude stretching from here to the horizons.

Please note we will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving sharing the day with our families.

Fridays schedule is as follows

8:30 All Levels Class with Ben

10:30-1:00 Workshop with Ken

6-7 Yoghour with Rachel


momentOM – momentum can be defined as "mass in motion." 

All objects have mass.  If an object is moving then it has momentOM – it is mass in motion.  

MomentOM depends upon the variables mass & velocity.  

Our community of teachers are incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is for a cause ... YOU!  We offer high quality yoga and keep it real!  Applicable and accessible to everyday people. We offer a practice where aspiration, playfulness and methodology open the door to inspiration, stillness and possibility.

We offer a wide variety of options for the beginner to advanced practitioners, kids, tweens, teens, parkinsons, gentle, seniors, yogahour, power yoga, all levels, advanced, restorative, yin, and more ... whatever your body type, & your desired speed we can help you reach your goals.

Impact. Contribution. Purpose. 

momentOM is a must!  Staying in the moment a plus!  

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