It's time to turn the page and write another chapter.


On November 17th, MomentOM will be closing its doors.


At the end of the journey we have to realize all our practices, all our teachers, all our loved ones and all of our achievements. If we can start to recognize that love is the permanent power that has been underlying this journey all along, then we can meet all the twists and turns, the ups and the downs with more serenity and with more peace.


From this perspective we can see love has been present in every part of our life. In the end it will help us release all our old stories so we can embrace and travel this path back into the space of peace, the space of gratitude and the space of love.


Please join us on the mat until then and attend a celebration of all that we have shared and cultivated in this incredible studio of teachers, students, and community.

The gathering will be held

Friday November 17th at 6:30 PM

Come celebrate, eat, drink, dance and intend the next chapter, which is already being written in the stars.


I am not sure when I will personally be teaching again but I know it is going to be magical. For now I need to take some time and will communicate with you all here as the next chapter begins to materialize. I have some aspirations, and its going to be great.


If you would like to speak with me about any refunds please write me at





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